About Ada’a


Ada’a is specialized leading company in training & consultancy, founded in 2005 in Amman, Jordan. It is registered in the commercial registry at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Jordan (registration number: 122683). ada’a Is administered by a group of multinational scientists and advisers.

Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of human resources empowerment and institutional development. We implement specialized training courses in the operation and maintenance of various technical fields for institutions and companies in the public and private sectors. Our technical fields include: oil & gas, processing engineering, electrical, electronics and control engineering, wireless and optical communication systems, power, industrial and mechanical engineering.

Ada’a implements modern organizational structures, maps distinct career paths and draws job description manuals. We analyze human resources capacity and individual performance appraisals. We are also specialized in organizational strategic plans, identifying performance gaps and adoption of institutional excellence programs.

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